Sojourner Morrell for Jil Sander Navy Spring 2012 Campaign by Daniel Jackson

Casual Navy – Sojourner Morrell makes a laid-back subject for Daniel Jackson’s lens with the spring 2012 campaign from Jil Sander Navy. Styled by Katie Shillingford, Sojourner wears button-up shirts paired with platform shoes and pleated skirts. Tousled locks by hair stylist Bob Recine and barely there makeup by Hannah Murray perfect the casual ambiance. / Set Design by Gerard Santos

10 Responses to “Sojourner Morrell for Jil Sander Navy Spring 2012 Campaign by Daniel Jackson”

  1. Totally unattractive.  Jil Sander picked her up at the gates of a concentration camp.

    • Excuse me? I agree with anon, how does one’s religion has to do with looks? That is completely stereotypical and inappropriate. 

      • I could be wrong but I think Medusa was referring to how skinny she looked not her religion.

        • Agreed- I knew what she was getting at, but the reference she made still wasn’t right.  To compare a model to a person who suffered through awful conditions such as the ones in a concentration camp is ridiculous and there are other ways of stating your opinion (a simple “she’s too thin for my taste” probably would have sufficed).

    • you are obviously a very sensitive and invested human being. i agree with the comments regarding a very inappropriate comment and one i would have thought this blog would have removed? i actually think she fits the collection quite well.

  2. I think the model looks fresh and she is perfect for the collection. She ads a uniqueness to the look and makes the picture interesting.

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