Sarah Jessica Parker by Gonzalo Machado for S Moda

Estilo – The premier issue of S Moda, El Pais’ weekly style magazine, features American actress Sarah Jessica Parker as its cover star. Swathed in Spanish flavored ensembles complete with bolero jackets, lace head pieces and large flower accessories styled by Isabel Moralejo, Sarah Jessica appears as elegant as ever in Gonzalo Machado’s studio portraits.


14 Responses to “Sarah Jessica Parker by Gonzalo Machado for S Moda”

    • What a horrible thing to say. I’ll never understand the vitriol people have against this woman. 

    • airbrushing or not…. Are the pictures’ option such slim picking? Perhaps a better lighting that is more flattering? Perhaps?

    • we’re always looking for “real beauty” and “expression lines” but then again this nice comments…

  1. I am speechless. How could you do such a bad job with SJP. Everything is bad : lighting, make up, retouching … Bad bad bad. Shame !

  2. Sarah is absolutly stunning! I love her, and her wrinkles. She’s not  a fake.  Her beuty is unique combination when age doesn’t spoil face.  Yes she’s not young, but she should proud herself.

  3. Natural makeup would have looked better…whoever thought to style her this way must have been insane, it’s so ridiculous.

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