Sacha Blue & Daria Z by Herring & Herring for Dmag #6

Sacha Blue and Daria Z explore the rustic country side in Herring & Herring’s latest work for Dmag Magazine. Styled by Kemal and Karla in a mix of denim and feminine garments, the two beauties yearn for better lives in the ethereal spread.

7 Responses to “Sacha Blue & Daria Z by Herring & Herring for Dmag #6”

  1. Lightning is great. Makes the whole spread feel so serene. (Even tho im not a fan of “farm” spreads)

  2. Lighting?! What lighting? This is all done with crass Photoshop tools. I can undo most of it simply by correcting the contrast. So just as an antidote to all the fake romanticism, may I say I “hate” the lighting. The shoot would look just as sweet, rural and faux sisterly love without washing it out with tricks. Its just a red herring if you ask me!

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