Robyn Lawley by Max Doyle for Vogue Australia September 2011

Belle CurvePlus size fashion model Robyn Lawley takes on lingerie inspired looks for the September issue of Vogue Australia. Posing for Max Doyle’s lens, Robyn sports soft curls to go along with fashion editor Meg Gray’s sophisticated stylings from the likes of Balenciaga, Yves Saint Laurent and Jimmy Choo.

10 Responses to “Robyn Lawley by Max Doyle for Vogue Australia September 2011”

  1. This is great to see! She doesn’t even look like a “plus size model”. Her figure is normal to me. Love her.

  2. Yeah, she’s not all that “plus.”  She and the clothes look great, and it’s nice to see it’s in a regular Vogue rather than Vogue Curvy, etc.

  3. Beautiful. Really wish it wasn’t always pointed out when a model is plus-sized, especially when “plus-sized” seems to refer, more often than not, to an average-sized woman. This emphasis on how special it is to feature a model who is not super-thin both emphasizes the otherness of woman who are not thin and continues to alienate overweight women who suddenly perceive that even “plus-size” models are thinner than they are. 

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