Rihanna for Armani Jeans Fall 2011 Campaign by Steven Klein

Star JeansArmani Jeans enlists pop songstress Rihanna for its fall 2011 campaign shot by Steven Klein. Shot in New York City, the concept was based on a classic film noir, giving it a contemporary twist that is sexy yet sophisticated

13 Responses to “Rihanna for Armani Jeans Fall 2011 Campaign by Steven Klein”

  1. Just go away! I can’t stand musicians being used in fashion campaigns. I mean, it would be SLIGHTLY OK if she was actually stylish herself. 

    • Misty Jean Moore Reply

      And why not? Rihanna has become something of a fashion icon to young women and is more recognizable. 

  2. Kate The Greatest Reply

    Don’t like her, don’t like the wig, don’t like the campaign.

  3. She looks stoned and bored to death. Go away. Stick to what you know best and leave the modeling real to models. 

  4. Message to the exec’s of the conference room @ Armani Jeans: Rihanna isn’t doing any favors for your brand. 

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