• http://twitter.com/tayzipporah Tayma-Zipporah

    You know how kids put white sheets over themselves as a ghost costume for Halloween…?

    • http://twitter.com/jaymeregan Jamie Regan

      i just died. that was hilarious 

  • http://twitter.com/Hipporox hipporox

    They look like straight jackets…

    • http://featurezoo.net memorexe

      …but the good kind. There’s a “mental hospital chic” to these.

  • http://featurezoo.net memorexe

    Not my favourite in his exploration of nomad themes—I’ve seen more cohesive silhouettes from him in the past. A few pleasant surprises in the mid-section here. Overall reminds me of Bene Gesserit Couture from Dune.

  • Sererev

    It feels like he just designed three outfits and then made them in various colors…

  • Anonymous

    don’t like those white dresses, look like those from worst mental hospitals movies O.o

  • Medusa

    Terrible.  Wouldn’t buy any of it.

  • http://featurezoo.net memorexe

    Stealth factor– couldn’t get these out of my mind for a few days now. It’s low key brilliance. Love the shoes and boots.

  • http://styledecorum.blogspot.com/ J Umm

    disappointed. no shape no colour … nothing