Rick Owens Fall 2011 | Paris Fashion Week

You can call Rick Owens’ protagonist for the fall 2011 season a cape wonder with all the hooded and caped ensembles shown during his Paris Fashion Week presentation. Layering up for the fall, Owens sent models down the runway in a minimal color palette complete with fur, wool, leather and cashmere. As the show progressed, the more softer looks gave way to sleek jackets with “winged” sleeves for a futuristic effect.

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9 Responses to “Rick Owens Fall 2011 | Paris Fashion Week”

    • Aeafho123 Reply

      There are quite a few models up there but Karlie is one of them.

  1. Anonymous Reply

    It’s not as dark as his usual stuff… maybe I just don’t ‘get it’ this time?

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