Rachel Alexander is a Retro Lady for Glow May 2013


Southern Belle – Photographer Arkan Zakharov shoots lovely fashion model Rachel Alexander on the beaches of Fort Meyers and Sanibel, Florida for Glow Canada May 2013. With art direction by Daniel MacKinnon, the brunette sports a wardrobe full of designer labels including, Hermes, Rebecca Minkoff, Kate Spade, Nanette Lapore and more chosen by fashion editor Juliana Schiavinatto. / Hair and Makeup by Tony Masciangelo

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4 Responses to “Rachel Alexander is a Retro Lady for Glow May 2013”

  1. The colors are gorgeous! But her body (legs and head) looks so strange in the last photo, it’s disturbing..

    • missabraham Reply

      I want to believe it was actually intentional. But you are right, it is distracting and look weird.

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