Portrait | Bimba Bose by Ruben Vega

Bimba Bose photographed by Ruben Vega

Portrait | Sofie by Dmitry G. Pavlov

Sofie photographed by Dmitry G. Pavlov and styled by Ianis Chamalidy

Portrait | Nathalie Edenberg by Bruna Castanheira

Nathalie Edenberg photographed by Bruna Castanheira and styled by Cesar Corinove

Portrait | Hannah by Toby Knott

Toby Knott captures a stunning series of portraits starring Hannah (Tess Models) and styled by Tammy Tinker

Portrait | Alys Hale by Damon Baker

Damon Baker photographs Alys Hale for a series of rough and rugged images that just scream youthful abandon. Styled by Becky Baik with beauty by Amy Sachon, Alys sports leather, denim and torn sweaters.

Portrait | Crystal Renn by Seth Sabal

Looking glam as ever, Crystal Renn poses for a series of short yet sweet portraits photographed by Seth Sabal (Production Department). Wearing lingerie and cardigans, the American beauty wears a voluminous hairstyle and smoky eyes…

Portrait | Carmelita Mendes by Bruna Castanheira

Carmelita Mendes photographed by Bruna Castanheira

Eugenia by Jacob Sadrak in Aire Noon

Jacob Sadrak captures Eugenia of Next as she looks over the city dreaming of what’s in store…

Portrait | Kasia Struss by Seth Sabal

Kasia Struss gets glam for a black and white shoot photographed by Seth Sabal (Production Department). Styled by Kithe Brewster, Kasia manages to stand out even against the bold and daring ensembles.

Portrait | Clara Alonso by Ruben Vega

Clara Alonso (Mega) photographed by Ruben Vega