Portrait | Kate Nauta, Monroe Alvarez, Sarah Tyer & Sarah Mutch by Graham Dunn

Half of You – Photographer Graham Dunn captures four models in natural light for this intimate series of black and white portraits. Wearing no frills hair and make-up by Juxta, Iris Moreau and Ermahn Ospina, the girls hide nothing in front of Dunn’s lens. Models Kate Nauta, Monroe Alvarez, Sarah Tyer, and Sarah Mutch (LA Models) offer their striking looks with a sense of calm and poise.

15 Responses to “Portrait | Kate Nauta, Monroe Alvarez, Sarah Tyer & Sarah Mutch by Graham Dunn”

  1. I feel confused about how it changed from being so busy to being so cleaned up that it looks completely fake…

  2. unfortunately this is a failed attempt at re-creating the same style as steven chee’s work for the ellery gazette.

  3. @232ab51dbbf142d787b3f2942cafa55a:disqus  – the last girl just doesn’t have the freckles of the first…as for the eyes @Dalane:disqus – you see that a lot in natural daylight…they are very commanding eyes tho, i agree.

    • ThisIsMyFace Reply

      I don’t think it’s retouching, but filters.  Whether post or lenses, I don’t know.  

      I like the images individually, but the differences among them ruin the flow.

      • ThisIsMyFace Reply

        Actually, going back up and just looking at the whites of their eyes — THAT’s definitely retouching.  Toooooo much retouching.

  4. Juliusgregorio Reply

    It’s a mix of both. Eyes are super white (whiter than any other part of the image) skin is smoothened but overall picture is oversharpened giving you this fake texture on the skin and looking like noise/film grain to replace the detail they removed via smoothing. This is a classic example on how the images as beautifully captured by photographer, are ruined by the use of poor photoshop (which is more noticed more than the beauty of the photo).

    • I actually worked on this shoot and saw the originals in raw – their eyes are actually that white bc of the natural light. He actually didn’t retouching the eyes at all.

  5. Looks like a heavy blue filter was used in post-production and then highlights were whitened too much. Pity, I love seeing freckles not hidden!

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