Portrait | Danielle Hayes by David K. Shields

Bright StoryDavid K. Shields photographs New Zealand model Danielle Hayes in these recent colorful portraits. Wearing the designs of Company of Strangers, Jimmy D, Bernhard Willhelm and others; the freckled face exudes natural beauty with hair and makeup by Nikki Paton Carradine.

16 Responses to “Portrait | Danielle Hayes by David K. Shields”

  1. Up close she is very, very beautiful.  The full-length pictures aren’t as dynamic for me though.

  2. She has such a unique face! She was a contestant on New Zealand’s Next Top Model, Cycle 2, and won! She’s amazing.

  3. Wow! Such a unique, beautiful girl! I’ve never seen anyone like her…I wish her all the success in her modeling career!

  4. Not to be funny but I honestly didn’t know they had black people in New Zealand. Obviously she’s of mixed race but I didn’t know they had any people of color there. Congrats she’s very high fashion!

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