Portrait | Crystal Renn by Seth Sabal

Looking glam as ever, Crystal Renn poses for a series of short yet sweet portraits photographed by Seth Sabal (Production Department). Wearing lingerie and cardigans, the American beauty wears a voluminous hairstyle and smoky eyes in the captivating photos.

39 Responses to “Portrait | Crystal Renn by Seth Sabal”

  1. Frank Westberger Reply

    classic amazing american beauty!
    She is really having a huge fashion moment.

  2. what do you mean about photoshop in image 2? i can’t see anything bad?

    in the lying down shot her legs do look REALLY strange.

    • I guess it’s because of her legs
      especially the right one. It looks so strange

  3. Wow the legs looks so short compared to her upperbody. What happened there??

    I love her ‘curves’ btw, als her gorgeous face.

  4. Victoria Best Reply

    Well, she looks amazing here, if you look at the Gaultier ads they slimmed much more than these images, I just think the reality of fashion is they use photoshop. I personally think it looks great, I imagine that her legs are shorter because she is laying down and the photographer obviously knew to turn the legs away from the camera to even aid on make her slimmer. The portraits are brilliant, I mean they really are flawless.
    I think these photos are just absolutely amazing. Way to go Crystal!

  5. Emikoftokyo Reply

    wow they call her plus size huh? imagine what i am….they would flip i did a cover

  6. I don’t see how she can say she is Plus Size now. She’s still beautiful but she sure has lost a lot of weight. Hope she doesn’t go back to her old ways.

  7. I was her roommate in NYC when we both worked for NEXT. I’m so glad to see her happy and healthy now :)

  8. Conniefrum Reply

    She is beautiful,just the right size & makes cloths look great.

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