Portrait | Cailin Hill by Oscar Correcher

In the Village – Cailin Hill (Ford) spends a day exploring in the East Village for Oscar Correcher’s most recent portraits shot in black and white. Cailin evokes eighties style in a pork pie hat and leather jacket.

8 Responses to “Portrait | Cailin Hill by Oscar Correcher”

  1. I think I’d like the entire session better if that third to last image was taken out.  
    It doesn’t flow with the mood of the other photos for obvious reasons – to me anyway, haha.  

  2. Navanod Llewop Reply

    Super cool.  Feels like old NYC photographs from the eighties(Warhol, Mapplethorpe, CBGB)…Good job Oscar.  Love your work btw.

      • Navanod Llewop Reply

        Have you ever been to NYC?  That building is the Cooper Union Academic School.  It’s incorporating the new with the old which is pretty interesting.  This is coming from a new yorker born and raise.  It’s all part of that side of town.  I love how he was able to capture it.

        • No, I haven’t; thanks for enlightening me.  Perhaps that makes it more of a likable shot.  
          I guess, as an outsider, I didn’t really see how it fit in with the other work this presented.

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