'Pollen' Daze

This set just makes me want to smile. It’s whimsical without trying too hard, and I like the relaxed vibe.

pollenpreview 'Pollen' Daze

pollen1 'Pollen' Daze

pollen2 'Pollen' Daze

pollen3 'Pollen' Daze

pollen4 'Pollen' Daze

pollen5 'Pollen' Daze

pollen6 'Pollen' Daze

pollen7 'Pollen' Daze

pollen8 'Pollen' Daze

pollen9 'Pollen' Daze

pollen10 'Pollen' Daze

pollen11 'Pollen' Daze

pollen12 'Pollen' Daze

pollen13 'Pollen' Daze

pollen14 'Pollen' Daze

pollen15 'Pollen' Daze

pollen16 'Pollen' Daze

Magazine: A4 (Issue #59/60)
Editorial: Pollen
Photographer: Ruvan Wijesooriya
Model: Jenny Sweeny

source | Amelia @ tfs