Pauline Van der Cruysse by Yossi Michaeli for 125 Magazine

Escape from New York – Photographer Yossi Michaeli captures Pauline Van deer Cruysse escaping from the Big Apple for this editorial in the latest 125 Magazine. Pauline makes her getaway stylishly in eclectic looks pieced together by Martha Violante and featuring the designs of Dolce & Gabbana, Prabal Gurung, Prada and others. Romantic and adventurous, Pauline looks the part of a modern mystery woman, with a sheared haircut and minimalist makeup by Deanna Melluso and Amy Farid.

5 Responses to “Pauline Van der Cruysse by Yossi Michaeli for 125 Magazine”

  1. That’s some great creative styling, and so sophisticated (more a Paris than NYC feel, too).

  2. Ah-mazing!!! Great styling – Would LOVE to know what brand those black and white sunglasses are in the top shot! HEAVEN!!!

  3. love this story! everything except to model’s expressions is fabulous

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