Hold on to Your Hat

Since its inception, Lula magazine has usually stayed true to its original form. The innocence and beauty found in editorials such as Stacey Mark’s, “Hold on to Your Hat”, appeal to the little girl (or…

Aztec Camera

Stefania Paperelli’s pictorial, “Aztec Camera” with Lydia Hearst, is one of the main reasons why I picked up the forty-eighth issue of Crash. Her images hold a sweet, almost dream-like quality that very few photographers…

Eazy Breezy

German Glamour reminds us of the upcoming summer with “Die Poesie des Lichts”. Model Martha Hunt avoids the harsh sun by wearing all white and catching some shade.

Marloes Horst in Dazed & Confused

There is not much depth to Dazed & Confused’s label features. Let’s face it–they’re advertisements and editorials rolled into one. Yet, photographer Alessandro Dal Buoni is able to show off Iceberg’s spring-summer collection in a…

Full of Allure

The cover and review of Gisele in Vanity Fair was already posted earlier. Now, you can view the full story that is entitled, “…And God Created Gisele”.

Strange Little Girls

Models Karmen Pedaru and Charlotte Hoyer pal around for 10 Magazine‘s spring 2009 issue. Don’t get me wrong, I love high concept shoots but it’s refreshing to see models having fun every once and awhile.…

Cover Star | i-D & Numéro

Chanel Iman – i-D May 2009, by Kayt Jones. This is the best cover I have seen from i-D in awhile. It is reminiscent of past ones–simple yet effective. Heidi Mount – Numéro #102. Sebastian…

Divine Power

Laksmi’s mesmerizing Dazed & Confused cover is backed by a strong edit.

Girl’s on Fire

Skye Stracke is quickly becoming a favorite of mine with her remarkable transformational skills. First, she’s an edgy diva in Numéro Tokyo and then she becomes a complete vixen in this Dazed & Confused spread…

In True Black

A gorgeous setting and beautiful clothes make for the perfect shoot, as proved by Glen Luchford’s “L’Art de Vivre”.