Olya by Josefina Bietti for Fashion Gone Rogue

Le Mars – Taking to the streets of Paris, Olya (Oui Management Paris) dons a wardrobe of military inspired ensembles with Josefina Bietti’s (ABA MGT) relaxed images photographed for Fashion Gone Rogue. Olya’s fiery red locks and soft, dewy makeup by Priscila S. Bueno are the perfect complement to a day of solitary exploring and sight seeing. / Edited by Godiva Art Studio

10 Responses to “Olya by Josefina Bietti for Fashion Gone Rogue”

  1. KateTheGreatest Reply

    She’s like a child of Julia Dunstall and Lily Donaldson, beautiful.

  2. love the model and the natural settings. the eyebrows look a bit odd though.

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