• Redpoppyfashion

    The clothes are spectacular. love the styling, and Karen looks divine! Not sure what Casey Affleck’s got to do with it though….

  • http://twitter.com/StyleSouk Style Souk

    Old world, romantic and completely dreamy. Grace triumphs again…


  • anonymous

    Perfect, just perfect.

  • http://whycantmybestfriendbeme.blogspot.com/ Anita Siraki

    of course it’s styled by grace!!!! these photos are amazing…especially the first/last pink one :)


  • All_around_genius

    This is one of the classiest editorials I’ve seen in awhile, I love it to pieces! The clothes are amazing, and Karen is divine. I can only hope I become at least half the model she is, that alone would be amazing!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2ZHOP2PJU6DIRLBZ2AQJD3M3RM Doen EnO

    When I grow up and become a mom, I’d sure love to be looking as glamorous as that on a daily basis.

  • L Alyse

    LOVE LOVE LOVE: the first gown and the black dress with the infant… obsessions have begun :)


  • http://iplayfaves.blogspot.com iplayfaves

    This is such a classic looking shoot. It makes sense it was styled by Coddington.

  • ese_isra

    blaaaah, so over this reoccurring theme of 50′s house wife……….