• maya

    Bianca is insanely beautiful and sexy. I can’t believe she was turned down by a few modeling agencies in the beginning of her career until FM finally signed her on…

  • Julia

    terribly over retouched don’t you think?

  • Julia

    terribly over retouched don’t you think?

  • Anita Siraki

    i love this woman! she is amazingly amazing and i want to be her! haha ;)

  • Micha

    i can’t believe she had a daughter at 23..wow breathtaking girl

  • http://twitter.com/dofotografo BLOG DO FOTÓGRAFO

    OMG. Look what they did at her nose: http://imagesgonerogue.com/2010/08/bianca-beauty3.jpg

  • Dr_Jones

    Not sure why she’s smoking. The times just ran an article detailing how most smokers are poor, uneducated, and unemployed. Is that the target audience here?

  • Stam

    What’s with the white cloud-like cover over her eyes in the 4th picture

  • Fiamma

    She’s gorgeous!



  • Hayley

    I agree – Image 4?? Why are her eyes whitened out? Very random