Morning Beauty | Angela Lindvall by Camilla Akrans

19 Responses to “Morning Beauty | Angela Lindvall by Camilla Akrans”

  1. new fur is horrible…. recycle old ones if you have to but please stop the brutality.

  2. I love the vibe, Angela looks amazing, she is really better in editorials than on catwalk. Not too keen on accessories, but furs steal spotlight anyway.

  3. I’ve always been a late bloomer.
    So just discovering this photo shoot (5 yrs. Later), isn’t sooo bad?
    Love the furs(faux I hope), the femme “blush” romantic colors especially.
    The furniture looks like Roche Bobois, stunning. Was there ever a
    Buying Source Guide 4 the coats?

    Thank you,


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