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Anja Rubik Gets Tanned, Lo-fi in Music Video Debut for Mister D


Top model Anja Rubik stars in a video for Polish music project Mister D’s song “Chleb”, and the results are pretty epic. The video features a purposefully low-budget look including random flashers, rose-filled backdrops and stock photo beaches. The model channels a character called Princess Dresaria (the hyper-realized version of the video’s heroine named Dresiara) where she is shown super tanned in a fur jacket and tiara. In one scene, Anja is shown riding on the back of large dachshund, and then in the next flying through outer space.The video (and song) is described as a satire of the state of Poland “and everything that is wrong with [it’s] society,” as the face of Apart Jewelry explains on her official Facebook Page. Watch away below.

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