Missoni Spring 2012 | Milan Fashion Week

12 Responses to “Missoni Spring 2012 | Milan Fashion Week”

  1. So many of these pieces would be nice
    1. Without Fringe
    2. Without asymmetry
    3. If they were never made

  2. And this is the 2nd time I’ve seen Jourdan Dunn placed in a midriff-baring/stomach-showing outfit – she should NOT be used for this with that cellulite around her navel.

    • Not cellulite– stretch marks. I think she was pregnant not so long ago… Anyway, that could have been masked with a make up base, I kind of like that she’s working with her “imperfections.”

  3. who would have though that a long frilly skirt could look so good over trousers? no one. There is a reason for that, it looks horrendous!
    Missoni sure is giving D&G a run for their money this year!

  4. Some ensembles to be gleaned from here for sure– love the prints and textures, could do without the bulky silhouettes.

  5. some things could perhaps be worked as separates… but this overall is tacky and too much… relaaaaaaax missoni 

    this makes me sad

  6. Too busy!! You don’t know what to look at.. so much going on in each look. Defo need to mix and match with some basic items like a crisp shirt, plain skirt, leggings etc… someone need to tell the missoni gals to stop going craaazzzzy with colourssss!! http://styledecorum.blogspot.com/

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