• Dejana S

    I think she looks lovley it’s just I feel that some of the pictures border on trashy like its an American apparel ad, a bit forced sexy

  • Terry

    I’m sorry but I don’t understand how this is any different then the pictures all the “blog Girls” are doing, nothing happening in styling it almost feel of the hanger in the store. And I don’t think he makes her look border trashy but full on trashy it’s such a shame he has so much power that he can’t get flushed out of the system, he’s producing so much shit and making so many bad Editorials for top magazines it would be so much better if he could just quite and leave be for some more creative photographers that actually likes fashion and not just wanna screw 16 y o v.

  • Sara Dorman

    I really can’t stand Terry Richardson’s work. So overdone and trashy. Can we be done yet?

  • http://www.52fashionweeks.com/ Anastasios

    Wow, another of Terry’s cheap porno style lighting and shooting! Very convenient, lighting use and knowledge of a 6months blogger. Trash as his looks.