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Mindy Kaling Stars in Flare, Talks Sexism in the Industry


Star of “The Mindy Project” Mindy Kaling graces the October cover of Flare Magazine. The actress poses for Danielle Levitt in the new issue where she models colorful dresses and dazzling jewelry styled by Hayley Atkin. Inside the magazine, she also opens up about stylists and sexism in Hollywood. Mindy says, “Of course I’m riddled with doubts like every other creative, neurotic person, but if you don’t display them all the time, you’re seen as overconfident. I’ve worked in television for 10 years straight. If I were a man, it wouldn’t be considered strange [to have confidence] at all.”


Mindy on Her Style

“If you love fashion and you’re not skinny and something fits you, most stylists are like, ‘That’s great for you,’ and it sucks. I have my own taste and I want to try weird stuff and Hayley Atkin’s not going to put me in a fuchsia shift just because it fits me and hides my quote-unquote problem areas.”



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