Milla Jovovich Takes on New York for Vogue Paris' February Issue by Inez & Vinoodh

New YorkMilla Jovovich uses her experience as the star of “Resident Evil” in this action-packed shoot photographed by Inez & Vinoodh for the February issue of Vogue Paris. The magazine pays homage to New York City with its whole issue shot in The Big Apple. Milla gets decked out in all black looks from labels such as Prada, Nina Ricci, Alexander McQueen and Dolce & Gabbana amongst others styled by editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt. / Hair by Orlando Pita, Makeup by Lisa Butler

source | Mat Cyruss @ TFS

25 Responses to “Milla Jovovich Takes on New York for Vogue Paris' February Issue by Inez & Vinoodh”

  1. What an idiotic photo shoot and waste of a beautiful model; was it suppose to be provocative?

  2. Phonologic Reply

    Terrible – and poorly timed for mimicking a hand gun so soon after… Inez and Vinoodh are bringing down vogue’s rep IMHO

  3. I love the story, ok the gun thing is a bit strange but in some way it works

  4. I agree! Why the gun in ALL PHOTOS? I liked the photographs, but these poses are unhappy!

  5. given recent gun violence with or without gun – no a good image as for the fash, well, ….

  6. I suspect that the photographers consciously decided to use “hand” guns rather than real guns at least in part in reaction to the recent gun violence.  They also might have thought twice about having someone waiving a realistic looking gun in New York City, too.

  7. milla is gorgeous as aways, but if this was her (and the director/photographer) idea of being “fun”, well it doesn’t work. it’s just weird.

  8. Amazing story!, as always inez and vinoodh refreshing the fashion world! Fun and beautifuly weird.

  9. zanitafellt Reply

    This is so great. Fashion not taking itself too seriously. Hilarious and memorable.

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