Mikaela Carlén by Andreas Öhlund for Velvet

velvet shoot4 Mikaela Carlén by Andreas Öhlund for <em>Velvet</em>

Miss Mikaela – The latest issue of Velvet enlists Andreas Öhlund for a story of understated glamour starring Mikaela Carlén. Wearing comfy knits and loose-fitting silhouettes selected by stylist Laura Bianchi, Mikaela is sugary sweet in loose curls by Mike Lundgren and coral lips by Katarina Håkansson.

velvet shoot1 Mikaela Carlén by Andreas Öhlund for <em>Velvet</em>
velvet shoot2 Mikaela Carlén by Andreas Öhlund for <em>Velvet</em>
velvet shoot3 Mikaela Carlén by Andreas Öhlund for <em>Velvet</em>
velvet shoot5 Mikaela Carlén by Andreas Öhlund for <em>Velvet</em>
velvet shoot6 Mikaela Carlén by Andreas Öhlund for <em>Velvet</em>
velvet shoot7 Mikaela Carlén by Andreas Öhlund for <em>Velvet</em>

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  • Mary Collins

    why do you so RARELY list the hairstylists? 

  • Anonymous

    ^The hair stylist is credited here. 

  • LouiseG

    Sorry to say it but not so nice the hair looks sloppy and the photography is just blank

    • Mtserpico

      I think that’s the point!

  • http://www.alowephoto.com/ Raglan27

    Brilliant, so fresh, so vibrant and fun 

  • http://vera.lustina.blogspot.com Vera Lustina

    She seems like she’s just got out of the bed, I guess it was the idea, and they’ve done it right. The only image I don’t like is the one with the red Lacoste shirt.

  • Antoine

    This is so clinical and so personal at the same time… I really like it.

  • J N

    first pic, gorgeous!
    the rest… shes distorted the clothes so much you dont even know what its meant to look like.


    • Mtserpico

      It’s about knitwear and it gets your attention, what a fun way of looking at it, if I was the client I would pleasantly surprised at the fresh yet simple way to get the consumers attention! Bravo well done!!! FYI I think that’s why the hair looks disheveled super sexy and the footwear selection “perfect”‘ you knocked it out of the park!!!!

  • Giulia_V

    The way she treats the fashion is really cool I think. And her attitude is so cocky, I love it!

  • http://twitter.com/huitingxo Huiting

    she’s so doll-like!

  • http://www.hamishscottbrown.co.uk Hamish Scott-Brown

    a beautiful series of sensitive shots

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Plamena-Zahova/1380995304 Plamena Zahova

    Gorgeous! I absolutely love the oversized sweaters!


  • http://xiziluo.wordpress.com/ Xizi

    We’ll be seeing more of her face around. A face like that is hard to forget even in an industry that moves on quickly.