Maryna Linchuk for Vogue Turkey December 2010 by Ellen von Unwerth

Maryna Linchuk plays a modern day Roxelena for the pages of Vogue Turkey December. Wearing a wardrobe of utmost glamour and regality pieced together by Sebastian Kaufmann, Maryna enchants in front of Ellen von Unwerth’s lens. Joined by two members of Süleyman the Magnificent’s harem, Maryna remains the main attraction in ensembles featuring the work of Lanvin, Balmain, Salvatore Ferragamo and more.

14 Responses to “Maryna Linchuk for Vogue Turkey December 2010 by Ellen von Unwerth”

  1. Gorgeous! I love the gypsy feel about the shoot. Some of the lighting in the shots are slightly off, but other then that great! I love the expression of the model in the 3rd picture down that is playing the flute. :)

  2. Dalton Louis Photography Reply

    Makes me wish I was Turkish!
    2nd to last pic looks like it came right out of a silent movie…

  3. Opulence…I haz it :)))))

    This is quite remarkable. Lovin all the pearls in that last (first?) photo.

  4. marynaaaaaaaahhhhh Reply

    Love Maryna. Should have her picture in the dictionary for the word Woman.

    She’s perfection.

  5. nothing gypsy here)
    It’s all about Turkish Harem!
    Roxolena was Ukrainian girl who was captured by Turkish warriors and was brought to Instanbul to be one of numerous wives for Sultan Süleyman the Magnificent . But she was the only one who has the biggest influence on Suleyman, she often gave him advices about policy he should provide.
    It’s such an phraze in the Middle East “favourite wife”, so Roxolena was her)
    Maryna looks stunning in her role!

    I’m from Ukraine) Visit my blog =)

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