Marloes Horst by Will Davidson for Harper’s Bazaar Australia March 2012

WanderlustMarloes Horst takes to Africa for Will Davidson’s romantic images featured in the March edition of Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Garbed in drapey and sheer pieces selected by fashion editor Jillian Davison, Marloes takes in the picturesque landscape with her companion in the designs of Haider Ackermann, Calvin Klein, Max Mara and Gucci amongst others. Soft curls by hair stylist Alan White and sun-kissed skin by makeup artist Kellie Stratton complete Marloes’ carefree look.

19 Responses to “Marloes Horst by Will Davidson for Harper’s Bazaar Australia March 2012”

  1. Marloes is a goddess! This out of Africa theme is one of the most picturesque, natural, and beguiling editorials I’ve seen in such a long time. Ten years from now this will still be perfection. Will Davidson has done it again… first with one of my all time favorite editorials- Russh’s Bunny ain’t no kind of rider, then Swept Away, now this… He’s tops in my book in so far as redefining beauty and

  2. This is so awesome. It seems like there’s a love story in there somewhere, like a scene from a zombie movie where the city had been infested and they had to flee. LoL!

  3. Mbutu Namubu Reply

    As an educated black woman, I am tired of seeing white women matched with black men in commercials and advertisements. Marloes is beautiful, but wouldn’t it have been possible to cast a black woman in this editorial?

    • I think they casted Marloes because it fits better in the editorial. The title is “Wanderlust”, the desire to travel, and the story is about a girl that went away from home to travel and ends up falling in love. I don’t know why interracial couples need to be a polemic, it’s just people. And well, it’s always good to show miscegenation.

  4. Glowing Doll Reply

    Does ‘the guy’ have a name or is he just yet another black model used as a prop? 
    Mbutu Namubu has a valid point I’m surprised the rest of you did not want to respond.

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