Mariana Idzkowska by Waldemar Hansson for Zink

Waldemar Hansson brings his unique and colorful style to the latest pages of Zink. Featuring Mariana Idzkowska (Premier Model Management) and outfitted by Kawa H Pour, classic styling paired with contemporary looks makes for an enigmatic story.

Additional Credits:
Makeup – Serge Hodonou
Hair – Stéphane Clavier
Stylist Assistant – Alexandra Alexi
Photographer Assistant – Victoire Thierée

11 Responses to “Mariana Idzkowska by Waldemar Hansson for Zink”

  1. Dalton Louis Photography Reply

    You’re very beautiful and certainly very talented. Good luck with your career.

  2. I think its very pretty but I cant help feeling its bad because of the silly non-point poses of- leaning to a bridge, or holding your jacket in a passionate feeling over your head.. Just dosent odo it for me.

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