Margarita is Ready for the Slopes in Foam Magazine’s December Issue

Ice, Ice, Baby – The December issue of Foam Magazine highlights sporty winter style with this shoot photographed by Jessica Haye and Clarke Hsiao. Model Margarita wears a mix of actual snow gear paired with designer looks styled by Leila Baboi. Foam editor-in-chief Sari Tuschman says of the shoot, “I came up with the concept because I wanted to mix high fashion with ski and snowboard clothes that people would really wear on the mountain. Snow gear has come so far in terms of fashion and I wanted to show that you can mix ready-to-wear with ski gear and look fabulous.” The wintry looks are given an edge with decorative blue eyeshadow courtesy of makeup artist Kristina Brown. / Hair by Nikki Providence

2 Responses to “Margarita is Ready for the Slopes in Foam Magazine’s December Issue”

  1. Shutupilovethat Reply

    This editorial is kind of terrible. Sorry FOAM – need to bring back some of the old photographers that made the magazine so great!

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