Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 | New York Fashion Week

Jacobs’ Spring Mash-upMarc Jacobs delivered a mix and match of twenties and sixties style for his spring 2012 collection shown during the final day of New York Fashion Week. The American designer even added a touch of the futuristic with shiny and sheer materials. Using a color palette of pastel, metallic and jewel toned hues, the spring season is light, youthful even with its uninhibited experimentation of shape, style and texture.

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8 Responses to “Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 | New York Fashion Week”

  1. Love sixties Reply

    Kelly close the show!! She’s perfect for this great clothes! I love the colors, i think Prada have some influence in Marc.

  2. always wanted someone to mash up the 60s and the 20s. normally hate marc jacobs but this isn’t that bad

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