Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 | New York Fashion Week

marc jacobs Marc Jacobs Fall 2012 | New York Fashion Week

The Mad Hatter – For fall 2012, Marc Jacobs teamed up with milliner Stephen Jones to help envision his latest collection filled with oversize and floppy hats that could easily belong to Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter. Playing with the fairytale theme, Jacobs offered a fantastical play on proportions in the form of bulky skirts and jackets layered expertly for the autumn season. The color palette was steeped in moody hues with accents of gold, powder pink and lilac. Patterns ranged from paisley to floral which broke up the heavy silhouettes with levity. The show ended on a more subdued note, featuring a few pared down ensembles that lengthened in hemlines and flattened in shape.

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  • Dbb

    I really don’t dig the pregnant silhouettes but the hats are A-mazing!

  • Jim Donahue

    Nothing that I would recommend  even to o my worst enemy.

  • Anonymous

    Not my cup of tea at all!

  • anonymous

    Beyond fabulous.

  • Jaime

    The hats look like they were bought from Party City; it’s horrendous.

  • Veridis Quo

    I enjoyed it. Took a minute, but after you see the pieces individually, you will see the possibilities. 

  • Clara

    You can also show bad taste despite your name is Marc Jacobs.

  • Mario Villanueva

    The jackets and coats are fabulous.

  • Klaudia

    Not sure how I feel about this collection really, but I love the silhouettes of most of the coats and love the ‘capelets’ over the coats

  • Medusa

    The hats look ridiculous.  At least they hide (some of) the models’ ugly faces.  This is also the first time I can say that I would be able to fit into a sample size of one of these baggy, billowy looks.  However, I do love the pink dress show on Marie Piovesan – she was the one holding the red rose.

  • Charlene Gondo

    they’re good. But too much. Plus  too Dior-ish .

  • JR

    There are some good ideas here but between the over-sized hats and the bulky silhouettes, the over-all effect is rather sloppy and under-edited. I love the piece-y black fabric on the last two pieces, but feel it could have been used to greater effect with snugger and more modern tailoring. 

  • zuzannawho

    too messy, the styling is terrible but some of these jacets are nice