Malgosia Bela by Richard Burbridge for Grazia France

Bold BeautyMalgosia Bela gets expressive for an unconventional beauty shoot featured in the October 21st version of Grazia France. Photographed by Richard Burbridge and styled by Céline Perruche, Malgosia sports full lashes, crystal adornments and colorful eyeshadow in the studio images with a carefree attitude.

8 Responses to “Malgosia Bela by Richard Burbridge for Grazia France”

  1. Wow! what a bad surprise!!! Richard Burbridge doing this terrible work for Grazia France.

  2. the cover… urgh no i dont think so… they should have used another pic for the cover 
    but i mean for the beauty section, yeah pretty good
    but i’ve seen better


  3. Gosh, I really love Richard Burbridge’s work, but this just feels a little too sloppy. And the makeup looks slapped on but not in a good way unfortunately. 

  4. What an unfortunate editorial. I guess you would post a turd shot on a cone if it is shot by famous photographer. You have proven this numerous times.

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