• Anonymous

    Great first shot. 

  • Annastepanova

    finally a story

  • moolah

    especially lovin’ the black and white photos.. lydia has a very beautiful profile!

  • Anonymous

    I don’t really get it.  At first I thought with those Versace prints, I could totally see where it was going.  Then it lost me.

    Although the last pic on the first page (on the horse with the cowboy) is pretty sexy, I must say.

  • Ahjui1

    the styling and selection of accessories is a tad disconcerted!

  • Rolex

    I liked the first pic thought this was going to be interesting and then……….it wasn’t.

  • Manuel

    I agree finally a story !!!! The pictures are just gorgeous. This is too sad to see such a beautiful story spoiled by the stylist.. 

  • Anonymous

    Very capturing!



  • KW

    I’m disappointed by this photo shoot. High fashion shoots are often fantasy meets reality, and yes, I can see some of that here. The storyline is great, but the actual shots mixed with the reality of the scenery is so obscure that it loses me. I love high fashion, the impracticality of mega high heels in the most random of places and anything-but ready-to-wear designs in settings like parking lots and city bridges. Beautiful! But really? Gold sequins and face masks outside a roping pen? That model looks photoshopped into a couple of those shots. Love some of the outfits, but there is seriously something wrong with the styling, hair, makeup, dress choices in this shoot and I’m not buying it.