Lana Del Rey Enchants for Vogue China January 2013 by Wee Khim

Say Goodbye to the Wonderland – Songstress Lana Del Rey graces the pages of Vogue China’s January 2013 issue in a series of dreamy images lensed by Wee Khim. Stylist Grace Lam selects pastel designs from labels such as Mulberry, Masha Ma and Lara Bohinc for Lana to wear with a retro-inspired coif and smokey eye makeup.

source | JoeHsiang @ TFS

12 Responses to “Lana Del Rey Enchants for Vogue China January 2013 by Wee Khim”

  1. I detest editorials built around “celebrities” and their personalities. The fashion/editorial aspect of this is completely lost all I see is an average looking girl with a distractingly horrible amount of makeup on.

  2. Gigi Karpoff Reply

    she always looks like a 65 year old woman who has had too much plastic surgery. Gross. Her youth is slipping away and we are never going to know what she looks like unless some one scrapes that putty off her face and does a beauty shoot with her… mind you… meh who cares. NEXT!

  3. I don’t understand why they’d include Lana in Vogue China. Does she have a big following there? I’m not fan of fashion magazines featuring celebrities but they could have at least featured an artist who is actually popular in China,

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