Kristen Stewart Covers GQ UK November 2011 by Norman Jean Roy

kristencover Kristen Stewart Covers <em>GQ UK</em> November 2011 by Norman Jean Roy

Kristen Stewart by Norman Jean Roy for GQ UK November 2011

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  • anonymous

    LOL.  As awkward as ever.

  • L1

    She looks gorgeous. Old school Hollywood pinup meets femme fatale. Kristen Stewart is poised to have a big year in 2012 and will grace many more covers.

  • hhumh

    GQ is probably the last magazine i thought she would cover, with the exception of playboy perhaps. surprise, suprise! but awkward or not, she does look gorgeous

  • Myjestik

    ill never watch twilight but this is nice.

  • Marcia Wong

    A bit awkward, but the cover is amazing. The pose and the flattering lighting really make this cover works. 

  • Alice Falson

    just as weird as Kris could be.

  • Anonymous



  • J Umm

    a bit boring and predictable.