Kim Noorda by Ceen Wahren for Vogue Taiwan

Sport Chic – A game of American football serves as the backdrop to Ceen Wahren’s latest work for Vogue Taiwan. Featuring Kim Noorda in an array of elegantly minimal designs styled by Emma Thorstrand, the gritty background is a perfect contrast to the clean designs of Gareth Pugh, Cerruti and Louis Vuitton among others. / Hair by Marie Thomsen, Makeup by Linda Gradin

10 Responses to “Kim Noorda by Ceen Wahren for Vogue Taiwan”

  1. Oh noes, that’s not very cohesive, is it. I saw Kim Noorda and clicked on the article straight away but that’s kinda disappointing :-(

  2. the editiorial is kind of weird in its nature but i love the styling/she is gorgeous

  3. WOW! Im loving all the outfits…maybe not the black and white triangle but the rest are a WIN

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  4. This shooting is awesome. It’s one of those “I wish I had thought of it first” things!!

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