Kate Netolicka by Jamie Nelson for Vogue Russia May 2011

A Day in the Sun – Jamie Nelson (Factory 311) captures a super tan Kate Netolicka for this beauty shoot in the latest issue of Vogue Russia. Sporting metallic wares and glittering accessories styled by Jennifer Féin, Kate luxuriates in a tropical setting with hair by Linh Nguyen and makeup by Roshar. / Manicure by Julie Kandalec, Set Design by Danielle Von Braun

16 Responses to “Kate Netolicka by Jamie Nelson for Vogue Russia May 2011”

  1. Kinda unappealing as whenever I go out, girls are generally tanned this particular shade of orange.
    However, I’m sure this model is gorgeous and Jamie Nelson has always had very solid photography.

  2. Dyllis_filler Reply

    ooh..I have $14 worth of cheap gold fabric, and my Mom has this old deck chair we can spray paint gold…=Yay..super classy fashion shoot??

  3. what can you do,it runns in the russian blood! there second name is what???? TACKY!!!!!

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