Kate Moss Covers W Magazine March 2012

The Good and the BadKate Moss goes from angelic in white to devious in black for the March cover of W Magazine. Wearing lacy looks, Kate poses in front of Steven Klein’s lens.

10 Responses to “Kate Moss Covers W Magazine March 2012”

  1. yes kate, your eyes are killing it, even if your skin is needing high end retouche =)

  2. Yeah, her teeth!  They look like they’re dead and about to fall out.   I’d really like to understand what they were thinking.  I mean it’s Steve Klein and W, they must have gone for this look for a reason.

  3. Her teeth on the “angelic” cover are super distracting and quite off putting. I think keeping her teeth like that was on purpose, especially in the “good girl” cover. Perhaps to juxtapose her hard partying, “I don’t give a f*ck” realness with the angelic facade? I’m liking the “devious” cover more. 


  4. Striking! Can’t decide which one is better. 

    I didn’t even notice the discoloration of her teeth until after reading the comments. 

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