Justin Hollar Captures Sissi Hou for Lula’s Spring/Summer Issue


Starlet-laced – The spring-summer issue of Lula celebrates the fine craftmanship of Parisian designer Sophie Theallet as lensed by Justin Hollar. Stylist Soraya Dayani dresses model Sissi Hou in a wardrobe of ladylike chic looks. / Hair by Yoichi Tomizawa, Make-up by Kristi Matamoros

JUSTIN_HOLLAR-STARLET-LACED 6_2-1 JUSTIN_HOLLAR-lula-sissi-3813 JUSTIN_HOLLAR-lula-sissi-4191 JUSTIN_HOLLAR-lula-sissi-4942_CORRECTEDJUSTIN_HOLLAR-lula-sissi-5183 JUSTIN_HOLLAR-lula-sissi-5440 JUSTIN_HOLLAR-lula-sissi-5576_CORRECTED

2 Responses to “Justin Hollar Captures Sissi Hou for Lula’s Spring/Summer Issue”

  1. Conservative but elegant poses. I see that the main lighting was on the clothing rather than the face… very interesting, the attention goes straight to the clothes. I see some happy clients there :) Good shooting!

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