Julia Dunstall by Alexander Neumann for Vogue Hombre S/S 2011

Miami Vintage – In front of Alexander Neumann’s lens, Julia Dunstall cozies up with Andres Velencoso Segura for the spring cover shoot of Vogue Hombre. Taking to a retro-fitted Miami, the pair sports colorful pieces from Prada, Vera Wang, Bottega Veneta and others styled by fashion editor Danny Santiago.


20 Responses to “Julia Dunstall by Alexander Neumann for Vogue Hombre S/S 2011”

  1. It’s Vogue and her shoes are from Zara…interesting
    I am definitely not impressed by photos nor by styling. Too little effort for Vogue 

  2. anonymous Reply

    oh look more prada stripes.  i thought we were done with all that already….

  3. he looks like james franco dying from some wasting disease

  4. anonymous Reply

    I don’t really understand that James Franco comment up there, Andres is super hot.

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