• Welcomed Guest

    I can see that it’s consistent with Galliano aesthetics, but the detailing is not really necessary… Not that I was a huge fan of him at the 1st place, but tailoring level was higher for sure
    maybe the new designer is just getting acquainted with a new position after all… :)

  • DeeKay

    was that a joke or what?

  • Medusa

    I feel like there’s way too much going on here.  And what’s with all the see-through stuff?  It’s such a pity that Galliano is not even designing his namesake collection anymore.

  • Anonymous

    Can be very interesting!

  • Dina

    I love it! Very beautiful, and surprisingly chic

  • ucef r jager

    Ugly & Boooooooooooooring

  • http://featurezoo.net memorexe

    Y’know, if Polanski gets a pass– I think Galliano can be forgiven too. Lovely collection, but not Galliano brilliant. If they insist on continuing the label, rehire him–or let it go! Reminds me of how Warner Bros. laid legal claim to Prince’s name–and he showed up at awards ceremonies with “SLAVE” written on his face.

  • Zuzanna

    geeeeez, bring galliano back!

    • http://www.styledecorum.com J Umm

      completely agree with you