Isabel Marant Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week

Isabel Marant’s Sporty Spring – For spring 2012, Isabel Marant went for a sporty, rock and roll vibe with oversize tees paired up with fitted pants. Youthful and carefree, the Marant woman gets leggy for the new season in miniskirts and shorts. Lightweight knits and crystal embellished looks completed the sexy spring collection.

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9 Responses to “Isabel Marant Spring 2012 | Paris Fashion Week”

  1. from the second half of the third page – great but i don’t like the rest. +zuza bijoch looks amazing 

  2. Not too keen on the collection as a whole, but at least it looks & feels like a Spring/Summer collection unlike all of most of the others shows which look/feel like Autumn/Winter.

  3.  true, what’s up with the black?! its everwhere. it will be the most depressing spring ever (not so shocking considering the fact it’ll be right after the end of the world 2012…;)  isabel marant: i think models will wear it & still look great but for normal people? e-e.

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