Ilva Heitmann in Gucci by Andoni & Arantxa for Yo Dona

Gucci Galore – Spanish publication Yo Dona enlists photography duo Andoni & Arantxa to lens this Gucci special featuring model Ilva Heitmann . Styled by Ellen Mirck, Ilva exudes the femme fatale luxury of the Italian label, donning their signature jewel tones and furs. Hair stylist Loris Rocchi (Close Up Milan) and make-up artist Claudia Marchetti (Green Apple Italia) add the finishing touches to Ilva’s classic beauty. / Stylist Assistant – Cecilia Gioetti. Photo Assistant – Pietro Frizzi.

8 Responses to “Ilva Heitmann in Gucci by Andoni & Arantxa for Yo Dona”

  1. I’m not drawn to the model at all but those clothes, the feel of luxury just stands out.

  2. Dyllis_filler Reply

    Yeah, it’s well done, but i don’t think the model can close her mouth…
    also she has a kind of weird blank stare

  3. Pilaretapelu Reply

    fantasticasss,que pena el papel de la revista.desprestigia las fotos tan maravillosas

  4. Manurodriguez Reply

    Beautifull pics, lighting, colours , prespectives, stylist….model!!!! great work!

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