Igor Oussenko Captures Snow-Covered Looks for Stolnick Magazine

Charmant – Winter is coming, and in the spirit of the season, Russian magazine Stolnick taps Igor Oussenko for a story of snow and luxe fur looks. Model Inessa N. bundles up in layered ensembles styled by Oussenko and Evgenia Ilina featuring the designs of Rick Owens, Givenchy, Stella McCartney and Dolce & Gabbana amongst others. / Makeup by Tatyana Kosovan

5 Responses to “Igor Oussenko Captures Snow-Covered Looks for Stolnick Magazine”

  1. Photos are great, maybe go a bit easier on the snow, takes away from the art and please can we stop promoting death and dead animals – fur, leather…corpses are not sexy, not eco-friendly and cruelty behind it is horrible…not to talk about chemicals that they have to ad for this fur and skins not to fall apart that bring cancer to women who wear it…most of it is cheap cats & dog skins colored and filled with chemicals…it is almost 2013, we are not cavemen or women anymore…

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