Iekeliene Stange by Sergi Pons for El Pais

Biker DenimIekeliene Stange is casual in denim for Sergi Pons’ (Motif Management) laid-back story featured in the latest issue of El Pais. Styled by Claudia Englmann, Iekeliene lounges on motor bikes in a garage setting. Tousled locks by hair stylist Karim and smokey eyes by makeup artist Sonia complete the brunette’s rebellious look. / Art Direction by Mirja Jacobs @ Motif Management, Production & Casting by Motif Management

5 Responses to “Iekeliene Stange by Sergi Pons for El Pais”

  1. KateTheGreatest Reply

    I love her, but the second to last picture – what’s with the overphotoshopped head? It’s a bit too much imo.

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