Holly by Natalie J Watts for Vecu Spring 2011

The Enchanted Forest – A day of solitude and nature’s beauty awaits Holly for Natalie J Watts’ latest work in Vecu spring. With wood nymph makeup from Angela Deviatova and relaxed curls by hair stylist Dean Andrews, Holly dons ethereal looks in the enchanted natural setting.

15 Responses to “Holly by Natalie J Watts for Vecu Spring 2011”

  1. I used to think I don’t really like this kind of soft, dreamy look. I stand corrected. This is beautiful.

  2. This is just stunning. It’s like she stepped straight out of a Waterhouse painting! ♥

  3. The clothes are beautiful and so is the location, I just wish there was more variety and expression from both model and photographer.

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