Hailey Clauson by Liz Collins for Vogue Japan

Candy Kisses – Captured by Liz Collins, model Hailey Clauson takes on pastel beauty looks for the February edition of Vogue Japan. The pastel looks selected by stylist Jonathan Kaye are complemented by hair stylist Tina Outen’s neon locks and makeup artist Sam Bryant’s colorful lips.

11 Responses to “Hailey Clauson by Liz Collins for Vogue Japan”

  1. Calebparry54 Reply

    Perhaps the biggest disappointment to the modeling world. Snake in the grass! No one should higher this gold digger after the bullshit lawsuit she tried to pull earlier this year! 

  2. Melizabethbarton Reply

    i like her hair. however  I  thought Vogue was better that. i hope Vogue doesn’t get involved in a lawsuit in 5 years because her parents think her lipstick was to purple.

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