Hailey Clauson by Catherine Servel for W Korea December 2011

Bon Voyage! – Following up a stunning cover, Catherine Servel delivers dark glamour for the December issue of W Korea starring Hailey Clauson. Wearing a wardrobe of lightweight lace and sparkling gems from styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson, Hailey delivers editorial gold in delicate pieces from labels such as Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Roberto Cavalli. Distressed hair by Alice Ghendrih and a smokey eye by Tomohiro Ohashi perfect Hailey’s otherworldly look.

12 Responses to “Hailey Clauson by Catherine Servel for W Korea December 2011”

  1. This is so gorgeous, the cover was amazing and I was waiting to see it!  I love everything about it, it’s so……cool….for lack of a better word!

  2. actually an interesting and innovative looking story with fine jewelry for once, not the usual stuff we see.. i really like it.

  3. Catherine Servel continues to pump out wonderful editorials and I don’t think anyone has used Hailey so well. Hailey looks so beguiling and as gorgeous as her huge smile can be – she works really well with her mouth closed as well.
    This is all win.

    • This is so beautiful.  You’re right Catherine Servel really does continue to do amazing work each time.  Always strong and original.

  4. shots are great, i love hailey and it all looks just perfect but whyyyy does he has the same face at almost every picture?

  5. gorgeous.  love the lighting, the mood, everything about this.  it’s so much more interesting when a photographer knows what they are doing with lighting like this!!

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