Gucci Spring 2011 Campaign | Karmen Pedaru, Joan Smalls & Hailey Clauson by Mert & Marcus

Gucci’s spring 2011 campaign taps Mert & Marcus for yet another season of sleek and glamorous beauty. Featuring Karmen Pedaru, Joan Smalls and Hailey Clauson, the glossy images features the label’s jewel toned and fitted looks for a series of sexy advertisements.

23 Responses to “Gucci Spring 2011 Campaign | Karmen Pedaru, Joan Smalls & Hailey Clauson by Mert & Marcus”

  1. DunkinMunkin Reply

    I don’t mind Hailey in background. I think she has the least striking face of the 3 to be honest.

  2. Joan and Karmen look stunning, 2nd to last photo is my favorite. That being said, I don’t find this campaign memorable which is a shame because this collection is leagues better than the recent Gucci collections being sent out.

  3. This Campaign is great (in fact, it’s just that I love Joan so much)! very typical Gucci…the models look radiant and sexy…and they colors are luxurious and eye-catching…marketing wise, its selling the pieces…

  4. Vampinfurs Reply

    Joan obviously steals the show. She looks so stunning!
    Karmen doesn’t look too great here, the eyes rolled to the back of her head look is not working in her favour.

  5. Love Joan in this Gucci ad. But dislike the tone used…all the models have the same skin tone. Last pic is the models look orange.

  6. Joan Smalls looks AMAZING! It’s great to see an established company like Gucci using diversity in their campaign and runway shows.

    Did you hear that – Chanel and Burberry???

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